5 signs of a stressed cat

A life of naps, food, and petting sessions : Why would any cat be stressed, right? But some are, for numerous reasons. Cats might get stressed by visitors, by loud music, by a change in your work schedule, or even a new cat food flavor in their dish.

Chat stressé (dos courbé, poils levé sur le dos, etc)




















Here are 5 signs your cat is stressed :

  1. He grooms himself a LOT

Cats like to groom themselves, but a stressed cat will do it compulsively, trying to soothe himself. He might even loose some of his fur from too much grooming!

  1. He does not eat enough

Any changes in the way your cat feeds himself is a clue to investigate. Stressed cats can even stop eating for days!

3. He has litter box issue

Again, any new behavior around the litter box is anormal. Cats do not spoil house for fun : They do it out of great stress.

2. He is nowhere to be found

A cat who hides all the time is not a happy cat. If you notice that your cat hides whenever your new lover is at your house, chances are he is not (yet) a fan of this addition to the family.

  1. He is aggressive

Your nice cat starts acting aggressively? He is more probably very, very stressed by something. Cats usually flight. When they choose to fight : Red Flag!

What can you do about a stressed cat? You should try to understand what stressed him, first. Also, help him relieve stress by calm petting sessions or by fun energy-burning games! You can even add new hiding places or high supervision posts in your house, to provide him a calmer environment where he will feel more in control and secure.