Canned game to meet the essential needs of your cat or dog

At Oven-Baked Tradition, our mission is to create the best food in the world for cats and dogs. That’s why all our recipes contain fresh meat in large quantities and are free of antibiotics and preservatives.

Our brand-new range of delicious game pâtés is specifically designed for the well-being of your dog or cat. It contains healthy ingredients for your pet, such as peas, sweet potatoes, carrots, and lentils. These foods are packed with essential nutrients which are easily integrated by your pet’s metabolism.

They’re indispensable

  • For retinal functions, in particular for your cat’s night vision.
  • For growth, muscular strength, and nerves.
  • For a silky coat and healthy skin.

They enable your pet to

  • Fight off potential infections.
  • Remain in good health.


Here are the benefits of these new recipes:

Kangaroo Pâté

Kangaroo meat is lean and low in fat. It’s also rich in protein while being low in calories. Kangaroo meat is known for its high iron and water content, making it the perfect food for satisfying your faithful companion’s cravings. You’ll see, your buddy will be jumping for joy!

Boar Pâté

Although boar is probably the fattiest game meat, it’s still relatively low in fat and calories. As boar is red meat, it’s an excellent source of protein and vitamins, particularly vitamins B12 and B6, needed for fuelling your animal’s nervous system.

Quail Pâté

An exceptional dish for an exceptional being! This small poultry is packed with flavour and nutrients. Once again, we chose this meat because it’s low in calories and is an excellent source of lipids, those essential fatty acids that your dog and cat can’t synthesize but that promote good cardiovascular health.

Rabbit Pâté

Meat that’s rich in high-quality protein, because it contains about 21 g of protein for 100 g of meat. It also has fewer calories and less sodium than most other meats. An excellent source of vitamins B3 and B12, minerals, and trace elements.

Our canned game belies the old adage… For once, the feast beats the hunt! 😉

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