All dogs love fruit!

This winter, Oven-Baked Tradition is pleased to offer you a new line of treats made of fresh fruit flavors. That’s right! Inspired by the resounding success of our game cans, we have developed a new line of dog treats bursting with flavor. Our goal is to innovate while having fun! That’s why we’ve developed chew…
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A boy and his cat

I met Blackie during my first year of university. One evening, when I came back from work, he was there at my doorstep, an alley cat as can be found everywhere. His fur was black with the exception of a very small white patch under his chin, which made him look very cute! He was…
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Duck meat in pet foods !

By Sophie Lavallée M.Sc., Agr. Duck has become a very popular ingredient in many dog and cat food products lately, particularly as a new protein for hypoallergenic diets. From a nutritional standpoint, duck is used as a substitute for chicken and turkey. Of the new proteins now used in pet food products, duck is without…
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Demystifying pet food formulas that promote an “optimal urinary pH”

By Sophie Lavallée M.Sc., Agr.   Many cat and dog foods are now formulated to control urinary pH levels, but what is an optimal urinary pH? Pets whose urine is acidic (a urinary pH of 6.0 to 6.5) are less likely to develop struvite crystals. Their likelihood of developing calcium oxalates also decreases when their…
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Why you should transition your pet to a new food gradually

Your pet probably eats the same dry food daily. Except for some treats here and there, or some stolen table scraps, your cat and your dog probably gets 99.9% of their nutrition need and daily energy from their dry food diet. Imagine if you changed EVERYTHING you eat in a day, in one day. Imagine…
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Oven-Baked Tradition’s new weight control formula for overweight or senior cats

Does your cat have “losing weight” as a resolution for the new year? Probably not. Cats usually LOVE food and naps, and they want their life to be sweet of all the things they love. Dieting and working out is usually not part of their plan. They also do not know (or care?) about the…
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Aging cats

Cats grow old too. Because their lifestyle is so “slow” – sleeping, napping, eating, purring, etc. – we usually do not easily see the effects of aging on cats. But if we were more attentive, we would notice that perhaps our cat no longer climbs on the refrigerator door, and that he no longer sunbathes…
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Food allergies and food intolerances in dogs and cats

Like us humans, pets can suffer from food allergies and food intolerances. These are in fact very common: More than 10% of dogs are known to have food allergies; this proportion is a little bit less documented in cats. In addition to allergies, a lot of cats and dogs suffer from specific food intolerances, and…
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Tasty treats for your cat (or your dog)!

We have promised you that we will share cat treat recipes, so that even though we do not yet have an Advent Calendar for cats, your feline friend is not left behind this Holiday season. Here are two cookie recipes that your cat will LOVE. These treats can also be given to dogs, if you…
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New Grain free recipe

Our grain free enthusiast consumers will be happy to learn that we now have a new grain fee recipe: a grain free fish recipe! Cats and dogs will both be able to enjoy this new flavor!