Oven-Baked Tradition

From St-Hyacinthe to China

It has been almost ten years since we launched Oven-Baked Tradition. Ten wonderful and busy years.                                         Like most stories, it started with a dream. We wanted to do things differently, go back to the good…
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DOGOPEDIA – hunting dogs

All dogs love to hunt, but not all dogs would turn out to be great hunting dogs. Interested to read further? May we suggest these previous blogposts : Herding dogs : http://www.ovenbakedtradition.com/en/ovenbakedtradition/dogopedia-herding-dogs Dogs for finding missing people : http://www.ovenbakedtradition.com/en/ovenbakedtradition/dogopedia-dogs-for-finding-missing-people In spring the nature wakes up, and so does your dog’s natural instinct : http://www.ovenbakedtradition.com/en/dog/in-spring-the-nature-wakes-upand-so-does-your-dogs-natural-instincts  


Herding dogs used to herd sheeps. Noawadays, the popular breeds are more prone to herding their canine friends at the dog park or retrieving tirelessly a worn ball. But it is always interesting to know where our dogs come from, right? So that we can understand why they do what they do, and what they…
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Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. This talent can save lives : Dogs can track missing people, and find them before it is too late. Important, right? But training your dog sense of smell can also be only fun for the both of you. Mathieu Lavallée introduces us to this activity in our new DOGOPEDIA…
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Everybody is into running nowadays. But « who » has been a true running fan since the beginning of time? DOGS! Whether you are into running or not, your dog is the perfect partner to make this activity more enjoyable. Hard to make it out of bed on a rainy day or a too early morning? It…
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Some dogs are way too social, while some just aren’t. Some dogs are social-savy, and some dogs seem to have miss their social interaction 101 class… Meeting dogs on a leash walk can be troublesome to say the least. Interested to read further? May we suggest these previous blogposts : Respecting dogs in need of space :…
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DOGOPEDIA – loose-leash walking

Dogs love to walk. Dog owners love to walk too, and it is probably one of the reasons that motivated them to adopt a dog in the first place. Then why do walks sometimes turn into nightmares? Instead of sharing a pleasant moment with your dog, you both struggle and get on each other’s nerves….
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Disciplining and rewarding your dog

Positive training is a treat feist! This is just not true. Dogs need discipline, and yes, sometimes they need a punition. Read on, punitions are not only what you think they are. Go to our DOGOPEDIA video blog to learn more on disciplining and rewarding from Mathieu Lavallée, dog expert :   Interested to read further?…
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Sources of motivation

Dogs would do anything for food. Or would they? Nope! Food is not their only source of motivation…which is a good thing, isn’t it? Go to our DOGOPEDIA video blog to learn more on dogs’ sources of motivation from Mathieu Lavallée, dog expert :   Interested to read further? May we suggest these previous blogposts : The…
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DOGOPEDIA ? Yes, let us introduce you DOGOPEDIA, our new video blog, which will feature tons and tons of interesting videos abouts dogs featuring Mathieu Lavallée, a well-known dog expert.                         In two-minutes videos, you will learn more about breeds, behavior, dog training, adoption,…
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