Finding the best class for your dog

Inspired by the back-to-school season to register for a class with your dog? Let’s go through all the different options out there to find the best class for the two of you.

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If you have a puppy

Then a puppy class is a must! Kindergarten classes are not just a lot of fun: They teach puppies everything they need to know about daily life with humans. Puppies learn to interact with other humans and dogs, and they learn that both come in different sizes, colors, etc. They also learn about daily life objects that would otherwise be frightening for them. Also important: We, humans, learn how to interact with our puppy, and how we can be better understood by him using his language. It is critical for your puppy’s future and your future relationship to choose a class based on positive reinforcement.

If your dog needs some training

Obedience classes are the obvious answer. Obedience does not mean boring and strict. New obedience classes can be a lot of fun for you and your dog, as all “commands” and “tricks” are learned through games and rewards. Clicker training could also be a great idea to teach your dog some manners, and to learn how to communicate more efficiently with your pet.

Do you know Rally-O? It is basically obedience, on a fun course! The dog has to go through a course with different stations where he must perform what is indicated on a sign: Turn, sit, stay, down, heel, etc. The goal is to do the course with your dog “perfectly”, which means with the least mistakes or faults possible. It makes obedience training even more fun for both of you.

Freestyle is also a sport based on obedience…but it includes dancing! Your dog must perform fun and cute tricks on a music you love. Your dog “jumps”, “gives you five”, “slowly heels”, etc. while you are by his side, leading the dance. Freestyle looks like a lot of fun, and it is, but it also does wonder to learn to train your dog efficiently for anything you put your mind into.

If your dog has a LOT of energy

High-energy dogs strive doing agility! They must race through a course of different obstacles such as tunnels and high platforms, with the guidance of his owner.

If you are not into technical sports but would like your dog to spend a lot of energy quickly, then canicross is a great option. You basically just run with your dog, and he helps you along by pulling you. Those who feel as though they are not in a good shape enough to run are always surprised by how much help they get from their dog!  If running is not an option, perhaps simply walking his? Caniwalking is a great exercise for you and your dog! Your dog will spend a lot more energy than in a regular walk.

If you want to try something new

What about Doga? Doga, from “Yoga + Dog”! Yes, yoga with your dog! Dogs can also benefit from learning how to relax and stretch!