Food Fight! – cat version

No, I am not referring to the endless fights every evening when you are trying to cook or eat something that smells so delicious, to you and to your cat…so delicious that it makes the kitty lose all its manners and turns it into a nosy (annoying) beggar. No, I meant the Oven-Baked Tradition Food (bag) Fight!

In the right corner, weighting about one kilogram, running surprisingly fast and surprisingly incompetent at flying, the CHICKEN! Deboned chicken, chicken meal, fresh chicken liver, and other nutritious ingredients.

In the left corner, not good at running or flying, but could beat the chicken at any swimming contest, the FISH! Fresh ocean whitefish, herring meal, and other quality ingredients.

So which one won your cat’s stomach? Which one is the most popular among cats? Now is the time to vote in the comment section!

Mine has fallen for the chicken!

Don’t worry dear dog owners. There will be a dog version of the food fight! And it will be GRAND with three serious opponents fighting to be the number one choice for your dog!