Let’s get down to business!

OK, now that the official presentation has politely been made, let’s go on with what we are really interested about: presenting our pets!

What? Isn’t it why we are here?

I will break the ice.

Walking through my door, one would immediately meet my Abyssinian cat, a 2 years old lady who is quite convinced that she is the 8th wonder of the world. Should s/he be able to get away from my cat’s pleading purr for attention, a couple of steps further, a couple (2!) of rabbits, which I have adopted from the SPCA, will raise their eyes to meet the guest before going straight back to their usual business which essentially consists of giving each other kisses. I am also a foster home for cats that need to be treated and socialized before being adoption-ready for a forever home. I currently have a two years old tabby cat that made a lot of progress and is now ready to be someone’s teddy bear, because that cat needs Love, yes, with a capitalized L. Who can blame him? He spent the first two years of his life locked in a cage in miserable conditions.

Now, your turn! Which furry creatures share your roof? Pets only, please..!