Orphan pets

So now we know that dogs love to work. But one thing that needs to be added is that dogs love to work for someone. Working makes them feel like a useful and desirable member in their family. Family first! This is why being in a shelter for a dog is so hard. Not only do they lack a family to call their own, but they have also been abandoned by their previous family for a reason they cannot comprehend. They feel lost in this very different living environment where their social status is unclear or unknown.

Volunteers and workers at those shelters work very hard to make these dogs’ stays the most enjoyable possible as well as spend numerous hours trying to find them the best families which they will get to enjoy hopefully forever. It was only natural for us at Oven-Baked Tradition to help in our own way at making their stays a little bit more…tasty.

We are very happy and proud to be sponsoring with cookies the Refuge de l’école de la faculté de médecine vétérinaire de St-Hyacinthe.

You want to help a shelter while spending enjoyable time with your dog (and friends or family)? SPCA Montérégie is organising the “Come Strut your mutt” event to raise money for the animals they are helping.