Small dogs are…

Small dogs bark more, small dogs are untrainable, small dogs are bossy, small dogs do not need exercise, small dogs are indoor dogs, small dogs do not like bigger dogs, small dogs are aggressive…

Plenty is said about small dogs, and much of all is said is completely wrong. These behaviors have more to do with how people educate small dogs – or forget to educate them -, than with the actual size of these dogs.

Animal Planet has great content about small dogs for small dog lovers to enjoy. It is worth browsing around! In particular, “Small Dogs, Big Jobs” shows how small dogs can handle big tasks and live full lives.

If you are not a fan of small dogs, are you sure you are not guilty of believing some of the stereotypes going around about small dogs? Here is an article that you might want to read to change your perception on small dogs:
5 stereotypes about small dogs