The best of Leash Connection – the cat version

Last week we shared with you what we consider to be our 15 best articles on dogs. This week we dug through our archives to find the 15 best articles we wrote for cat lovers.


1. The Cats on Parliament Hill in Ottawa – Do you know the story behind the presence of these cats near the Parliament? Do you know that Oven-Baked Tradition is the lucky brand that gets to feed these wonderful cats so that they have a happier and healthier life?

2. Cat breeds – Choosing a cat breed based only on its appearance is not a good idea.

3. Ten random and fun facts about cats – Learn very random and very funny facts about cats. It is impossible that you do not learn something from this post!

4. Introducing a second cat – Cats are social animals, but cats are also territorial. If you want your cat to warmly welcome the newcomer, you need to do the presentation properly. Here is how:

5. Is my cat fat? When there is more to love, it is even better, right? Actually, no. Being overweight is not good for your cat’s health. Find out if your cat is overweight, obese, or just right here:

6. Should cats be clawed or declawed? This is quite a debate, now! This article includes information on which you can based your decision, or opinion:

7. Some weird cat behaviors explained – We have been sharing our lives with cats for thousand of years. Yet, they are still a living mystery! Here are a couple of their weirdest behaviors explained:

8. Fun homemade games for your cats – You do not have to spend big bucks to amuse your cat! You potentially already have some game material under your roof. Read more to get some fun ideas:

9. Taking your cat out on a walk – Just because your cat is an indoor cat does not mean that he should never go enjoy the outside! He surely can, if you are willing to have him come along on one of your walks. Here is how you can get him use to being leashed:

11. Cats, what do we say about them? Cats and the English language:

12. Why does my cat show me his butt? Yes, this is quite a puzzling behaviour, so we have investigated and researched this important topic here:

13. My cat is attacking me! If it seems like your cat has watched way too many ninja movies, read this:

14. My cat is too shy. Your cat runs away as soon as he hears the doorbell? You are not alone, and here is what you can do to transform a very shy cat to a cat that is more comfortable with having visitors over:

15. Cats love heights! Hence, cats love to climb on things. But when these things are dinner tables, counters, stoves, etc. it can be somewhat annoying. Here is an article about what you can do about it: