Let’s be polite and start off with a presentation.

Oven-Baked Tradition is hundreds of local workers sharing the same passion for pets as you do and focusing all their energy and talent at developing and producing nutritious food that meets the highest quality industry standards. Mobilized around your pets’ health and well-being, we take no shortcuts and bake our food in an oven, a traditional method which keeps all the nutritional value of the ingredients intact.

More specifically, behind the decision desks, there is Pierre Lemieux and David Gaucher, president and executive vice- president, respectively, who ensure that the Oven-Baked Tradition’s mission is well communicated and shared internally and externally, Jonathan Bourget, sales director, who makes sure that you are able to find Oven-Baked Tradition products at your favorite retailer, Marie-Claude Dubuc, R & D and marketing director, whose energy is focused on developing nutritious food that your dog and cat will love, and Tammy Grenon, sales and communications coordinator, who is devoted to answering every day any questions you may have and to making every Oven-Baked Tradition event a success.

Behind the keyboard, there is me, Véronique, whose only intention is to make you smile, laugh, as well as educate you with some relevant information for all of you pet owners. Oven-Baked Tradition launched this platform for you, so that all animal lovers have a space where they can share and comment information, stories, pictures and videos. If you want to suggest content or have a question you want us to answer, you can do so by writing in the comment section of this post or by sending me an email at veronique@ovenbakedtradition.com.