Which dog breed is right for you according to your personality?

There are a lot of questions we should ask ourselves when it comes to choosing the right dog breed for us. First, we need to clarify our “dream dog”, what kind of behaviors we like and what kind we do not like. Second, we have to question ourselves: What kind of people are we, and what does our daily life look like? With these two sides in mind, we are in a better position to select a dog that would be our best match according to what we want and who we are.

There is however one big problem: We tend to answer these questions about ourselves in a “I wish I were” instead of “I really am” kind of way. I wish I were more active, so I want to be more active, therefore I will choose a dog that will help me become more active. Unfortunately, life sometimes gets in the way and what we wish we could be just isn’t what we truly are. The dog we have selected based on these wishes pay the price by having to live a life that does not always meet his needs.

Researchers are working on a questionnaire that would fix this problem by establishing the personality of dog owners of certain breeds according to the “Big Five” personality traits: openness (openness to new experience, imagination, curiosity), conscientiousness (discipline, respect, responsibility), extroversion (tendency to go toward others), agreeableness (compassion, cooperation) and neuroticism (emotional instability, anxiety). Dog breeds would be associated to each personality type to ensure a best match.

These personality traits are deeply grounded, and are not linked to interests, motivation or tastes. Therefore, they are a stable foundation on which one can base his or her choice for a doggy companion that will share his or her life for several years.

To read more on this topic and to see a couple of example of personality profiles associated with some dog breeds: link to original article