No one adopt a cat or a dog for just one or two years. Yet they often do…


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Here are the top three reasons why people give up their pets, and how to avoid them :

  1. Behavioral problems

« Problems », such as dogs that jump on people, pull on the leash, act crazy inside the house, bark are other dogs. Or cats that wake up their owners or claw the furniture. These dogs and these cats are no monsters.

In fact, they were once upon a time, tiny and cute…and acting probably the same way. But their actions are no longer cute, when the dog at the end of the leash weights 75lbs or the kittie has lost is kitten appeal (and too much fur everywhere). Hence why it is important to start training EARLY, so that a small problem does not turn into a bigger one worth abandonning your pet for.

Behavior problems also come and go (with work)…think teenage years. Yes, adolescence is HARD, but it will pass! Be there for your pet, be patient, and you will enjoy his adult years a lot.

  1. Moving

Yes, it is very hard to move with a pet, as a lot of great places do not want anything to do with having a dog or a cat (and their owner) as renters. But it CAN be done, if you give yourself sufficiant time to find the right place, or if you are convincing enough.

When you adopt a pet, you adopt a partner for life. Think 10 years at least. Are you going to move in 10 years? You know that you probably will! Now think in advance what you can do to be able to move your whole family together.

Sometimes, it is just about not having a dog in the new house. Those brand new floors, those hair-free sofas…

Are these things more important than your caline or feline companion?

  1. Lack of time

A new job, a divorce that leaves you as the only caregiver, a baby on the way…all this big life changes cause chaos at first, and lack of time. But again, long-term thinking is in order : This new job will not be always new, the baby will eventually sleep, and your pet will get used to this change of routine. Choosing a permanent solution (abandon) for a temporary situation is not always the way to go. Your dog will not hate you forever for one year maybe a little more boring than usual if it means that he will be able to stay by your side forever. If you could ask him, he would tell you.

If you do think that your lack of time is permanent and that your pet will be happier in another home, then fine at least some time now to find the right forever family for him. You owe him that, don’t you?