Your dog’s four needs that absolutely have to be met

At Oven-Baked Tradition, we’re well aware that no one knows your dog better than you do. It’s only normal for you to share a ton of beautiful moments, and your life wouldn’t be the same without your fur child. Nor would your pet’s without you. You’ve developed emotional bonds that are so powerful that they go beyond simple friendship! In fact, we often talk about all the benefits that dogs bring to their owners, and we’re the first to recognize that your pet is quite the therapist! Can you say the same for yourself for your pet? If you aren’t sure, here are four ways to perfectly meet the needs of your companion and live in symbiosis together!




When the appetite goes, everything goes

As you know, your dog needs nourishment that meets basic nutritional requirements. We have this aspect of your pet’s life well taken care of, and our many diverse recipes are there to prove it. So no need to worry; we’re on it! Your pet also needs a lot of rest and will sleep more than you do! Nothing weird there! That’s why it’s always a good idea to provide a comfortable cushion and a safe place to sleep, especially as your companion moves into old age.




All roads lead to the dog park

Depending on your companion’s personality and nature, exercising and socializing are needs to consider. So it’s a good idea to take your pet for a walk every day and make sure friends can be met along the way! This lifestyle enables your faithful friend to better manage canine anxieties and is very stimulating for the senses. Your dog has superpowers; make sure they can be regularly put to good use!




I think, therefore I play

Intellectual stimulation is probably a need we tend to neglect. However, it’s really simple to meet. Pet stores offer a wide range of toys and owners and staff will be delighted to explain the qualities of each toy in detail. For our part, we believe that there’s nothing wrong with sharpening your imaginative faculties at the same time as your pet’s by creating your own intellectual stimulation games. Our food and treats are important components of these fun activities.

Here are a few simple ideas

  • Take an old blanket and insert treats by rolling it over several times. To increase the challenge, fold it up in all sorts of random ways.
  • Hide a number of treats in a room that your dog can’t access and send your faithful friend on a treasure hunt.
  • Put treats inside a bottle. Drill a hole that’s the same size as the rewards and then cap the bottle. When your pet plays with the bottle, the food will pop out through the hole.

You can also check out YouTube. Clearly, a number of dog owners have been putting their imaginations to work!




Silence, we’re barking

Your dog needs to bark. After all, it’s only natural. However, if you don’t like it, you can find other solutions besides collars and other bark deterrents. For example, you can train your fur child to bark on command. With a little practice, Fido will shed the habit of barking at times that you consider inappropriate.


If you patiently meet your pet’s needs, you’re guaranteed to have a happier companion. And as you know, you’ll receive a hundredfold return on your loving investment!