Cats Will Do
Anything for Fish!

Everyone knows that cats love fish! But unfortunately for our beloved mustached friends, the chances of them finding some on their own are not very high…!

Again, if your cat is known for its hunting skills, the same cannot be said of its fishing rod abilities! That’s why our nutritionists opted for the mouth-watering flavours of tuna and bonito when it came time to develop our new line of additive-free fillets.

“But apart from the taste, is the fish good for my cat’s health?”

Yes! There are no scientific studies showing that fish is harmful to cats. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Especially when you think of oily fish like tuna, which is rich in protein and omega-3!

Just make sure to avoid canned tuna from the supermarket, since it contains mercury and too much sodium, which can affect your cat’s health. It can never be said often enough: human food for your pet should be avoided altogether!

Moreover, we’ve developed a recipe for canned salmon that will please even the most demanding of felines. Try it: it should earn you a few heart-warming purrs!


“Are omega-3 good for my little companion?”

Absolutely! Omega-3 are fatty acids that play an important role in your pet’s health.

But important for what exactly?

Important because your pet’s body is not able to produce them efficiently.

Important because they improve hair quality and protect the skin.

Important because they strengthen cartilage and prevent feline osteoarthritis.

And important because they are excellent for heart and kidney health.

So, are these omega-3 important? Certainly, and now you know why!

“What if my cat doesn’t like fish?”

It’s cool too! As always, our nutritionists have thought of everything and have developed a delicious grilled chicken & smoked bacon-flavoured fillet.

“Although I love cats, I have a dog… Do these fillets work for it too?”

To avoid creating any jealousy, we have also created a complete assortment of dog fillets! Low in calories and as tasty as our cat fillets, they are also free of artificial additives.

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