The difference in our cat and dog food is in the baking…
but also in the small details!

Our old-fashioned cooking isn’t the only thing that makes us different. It is also our attention to details…

Unlike most (95%) pet food made through extrusion, Oven-Baked TraditionTM cat and dog food is slow-cooked in the oven at low temperatures, and this is why Oven-Baked Tradition is the best cat and dog food on the market. There are many advantages to an oven-baked pet food. Among other things, you can put a lot more fresh meat into the recipe and bring out all of its aromas and flavors, use ingredients that are easier to digest, and maintain the integrity of the protein sources and essential vitamins. Oven-baking also produces a kibble that is up to 20% denser, so you don’t have to feed your cats or dogs as much for them to feel full.

Made in Canada by a family business, Oven-Baked TraditionTM cat and dog food offers irresistible taste and exceptional nutritional value! All of our cat and dog food recipes are oven-baked in small batches for maximum quality and freshness, just like you would at home. Our cat and dog food also contains real meat from selected farms as the first ingredient. Whether you choose deboned chicken or lamb, duck or fish, the freshness and quality of our meat is always uncompromising. Our healthy, quality formulas also include savory fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, apples, blueberries, bananas, spinach, broccoli, pumpkin and cranberries, to name just a few, which provide cats and dogs with the essential nutrients they need to lve a long and healthy life. To meet your furry friends’ other essential nutritional needs, we also add vitamins and minerals, as well as locally-grown whole grains (barley, oats, rye, flaxseed) which we mill ourselves to optimize their benefits.

Because we care about the health of cats and dogs as much as you do, all of our cat and dog food formulas are free of hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, and preservatives. And when you choose Oven-Baked TraditionTM cat and dog food, you’re also choosing a pet food that contains none of the following products, which are often linked to food allergies/intolerance and digestive problems:

  • CORN
  • SOY

Oven-Baked TraditionTM is committed to offering pet food formulas that meet premium-quality standards every day. Our dedicated team promotes the Oven-Baked TraditionTM brand by making products like no other on the market. What makes us different is our oven-baked cooking process, our unique recipes of healthy cat and dog food, and our natural, premium-quality ingredients.

We believe that cats and dogs deserve the best, so we put them and their well-being above all else. We’re committed to giving your pets everything they need to live a long and healthy life by your side. You could say that our old-fashioned cooking is what makes us different but considering all the thought that goes into our pet food, it’s also our attention to details…

To learn more about our company and our products, we invite you to view our corporate video:

Lemieux family, Owner