Improve their Diet for a
Superior Quality of Life!

Take a few seconds to think: what determines a good quality of life for our pets? Certainly, there is the bond that we have with them. But even more important, their health! It depends on sleep, exercise, genetics and inevitably diet. The mission of Oven-Baked Tradition is to offer balanced, natural and complete recipes. Our products will allow your cat or dog to spend several years in your company.

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Gradual transition to Oven-Baked Tradition

As we often say, our difference is in the baking. Our kibbles baked in the oven are different from those made by an extrusion process. It’s important to make a gradual transition when changing food companies.

We recommend a transition over several days as well as different ratios at each stage. Before switching to a higher percentage, make sure your pet is digesting the food well.

DaysOven-Baked Tradition  Current food
1-325 %75%
8-1275 %25%
100 %0%

Since every pet metabolism is different, note that these recommendations may vary from one animal to another. When the transition is complete, it is recommended to offer it the proportion indicated behind our packaging. Again, it’s important to adjust according to your pet’s age, activity level and environment. Make sure it has access to fresh water at all times.

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It’s normal to decrease portions when you feed your pet with a higher quality food. Our baking technique allows kibbles to have a higher density and our recipes contain mainly meat, vegetables, fruits and other carefully selected ingredients. This will make it easier for your pet to digest. That’s why we recommended smaller portions than some companies who use different processing methods.

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Observe the change

What does “digest well” means? It means that your pet’s body has easily access to the necessary nutrients and that its body absorbs them properly. Your cat or dog will have smaller poops, a beautiful coat, an improved general state of health and a better life in your company.

Once you go baked, you never go back!