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Do you have an odd craving for something new?

After enduring the long, cold and dark months of winter, we all crave that sense of renewal brought about by spring, a season of joy and light-heartedness. There’s something really gratifying about taking in all the little things that signal the arrival of a new season. Spring makes us feel like shaking things up, doesn’t it? Some people decide to buy a new car, update their wardrobe, or even adopt a puppy.

If, after careful consideration, you decide to welcome a new furball into your home, make sure you’re ready, especially if you already have a cat. Here are 3 tips for integrating your new family member into your home in a way that keeps the peace!

1. Adapt your environment

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We suggest giving your cat access to several areas of your home where it can climb up and away from the new dog if it feels the need. Putting your cat’s food and water on a tall piece of furniture will also give it a sense of security. Providing several hiding places that only the cat can access and take shelter from the dog is another good idea to consider. Making these changes in every room of your home will give your cat more confidence to roam around, knowing that it can always retreat to a safe place.

2. Prepare your cat before the dog’s arrival 

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As with any major change in a cat’s life, like a move, the arrival of a new spouse or child, or a change in your work schedule, it must be made gradually, ideally, over several weeks. We suggest you start getting your cat accustomed to its future sibling about a month beforehand. You can start by getting Kitty used to smells associated with your new family member. Leave new dog toys and dog food bowls in various parts of your home so your cat can check them out, sniff them, and get used to its new life. And if you’re not sure about what to feed your new puppy so it can be as healthy as possible, don’t worry. We’ve got that covered with our selection of delicious puppy food formulas with wholesome, natural ingredients.

3. Introduce the new siblings to each other

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Experts advise never holding your cat in your arms when making the introduction because that might make it feel anxious and cornered. You shouldn’t put the cat in a travel carrier bag to let the puppy smell it either because your cat needs space and opportunities to escape and hide. Don’t force contact between the two. A calm cat will walk around with its tail and head held high. The key is to be patient, knowing it could take a few days or even a few weeks for the new siblings to get accustomed to each other.