Watching your Pets
while you are at Work

Maybe you fear that your pet suffers from separation anxiety, or maybe you want to see for yourself how loud your neighbourgh claims your dog is while you are away. There are different reasons why you would want to “spy” on your dog or your cat when you are away, and these reasons are personnal.

shutterstock_2863387_vidéo.Fortunately, now there are also different options to let you do just that, without investing too much time or money.

Wi-Fi Cams

Just as parents watch their baby, pet owners can watch their furry baby using the same technology. The new baby monitors most often than not use a Wi-Fi signal that lets you watch from anywhere, as long as you have an Internet access. You basically just have to log in on your computer, your phone or your tablet, and there you go, unlimited access to your pet’s daily activities.

Make sure you position the camera (or the cameras) in a way that you can actually see what you want to see, whether it is your dog calm in its crate or your cat NOT clawing the living room furniture.

Streaming apps

So you do not want to spend on a Wi-Fi cam? No worry, you can use your tablet, laptop or phone as a camera (and your other device as a monitor). These apps typically cost just a couple of bucks, and they usually work well.

Example :


You could even go as far as not installing a new app, and just use a current popular one: Skype.

Just call your pet, and here it is! To make this work, you have to orient your laptop or tablet strategically, and you have to activate the « automatic pick-up with video » option on your pet’s Skype account. Yes, you read right, you have to open a Skype account for your pet.

Don’t worry: it is free, and isn’t it great to be able to call your pet?

More information on using Skype as a camera:

Smart collars

If you want to know more, and more, you should expect to spend more, and more(useful source). There are a lot of new smart pet collars looking to make their way into the market. Here are two great ones:

TAGG: Tagg is a GPS for your pet, so that you always know where it is. Wouldn’t it be convenient for dogs who tend to run away a lot or for cats who seem to think the whole world is their neighbourhood?

FITBARK: You install it on your pet’s collar, and now you know exactly what your pet is up to all day, and how (in)active it really is. The data can be read on your phone or tablet, whenever you want.