Why do Cats Sleep
on what we are Reading?

Cats do silly things, don’t they?

Chat qui dort sur un livre

For instance, they will always get between you and what you are trying to read, whether it is from a book, a magazine, a laptop or a tablet. WHY, you might rightly ask?

Cats are territorial creatures and they like to own things. They especially like to claim as their own things you value. You are giving attention to a book/newspaper/laptop? It is worth their attention…or more precisely, their furry body presence. Proof: have you noticed how your cat will never sleep on ANY book except the one you are reading?

Plus, cats also like you, or what you do for them. Being a couple of centimeters away from the hands that feed/pet/love them just seems very convenient to cats. Who knows if you might scratch their ears, right? You probably do it all the time.

And laptops have a special edge: their warmth. An edge that your belly could also have, if you rather have a cat on your thighs than a cat on your keys.

What should I do?

While this behaviour is cute, when you are trying to get things done, it can be VERY annoying. Hence why you need an extreme measure: a cat trap.

Don’t worry – your cat will be THRILLED.

Just put a cozy box next to your laptop/book/etc. with something comfy that smells like you inside, and there you go, your cat will choose this resting spot over anything…as long as you are near.