Coping with a Pet Loss

When we lose a pet, we lose a partner, a presence, a confident, a family member…


When we lose a pet, we grieve. And we grieve greatly. What makes it so hard is perhaps the lack of understanding that we can receive from our friends and family when we grief over “just a dog”. This situation turns the grieving process into a very lonely experience, and even more painful, as there is no pet to turn to this time to help us deal with our emotions.

These emotions need to find a way out, though. We should never let others minimize our pain, or worst, minimize our own to not feel ridicule. We need to let ourselves feel these emotions, and we need to find a way to express them fully if we want to grieve.

Rituals often help. Rituals are any event or action that is meaningful to you. Some people organize a simple home ceremony with their closed family, others assemble a beautiful photo collage with their most beloved souvenirs. There are no rules: Just do whatever makes sense to you.

And give yourself time. Even if you do cope well with the loss of your pet, you will go through the 4 stages of grief:

  1. Denial: It cannot be happening. Our pet will come back. It was an error. Some people fly through this phase within a couple of minutes; others spend days in denial without accepting their pet’s death.
  2. Emotions: Anger, sadness, guilt…emotions are out, and they are intense. They affect us physically and mentally. And they need to find a way out of our head and of our heart for us to be able to cope. This stage can last weeks, but, usually, very intense emotions gradually begin to fade weeks after weeks…Time is the answer.
  3. Acceptance: We accept our pet’s death. Of course, we are still very saddened, but our emotions are more positive. Memories make us sad, but they also make us smile.
  4. Reinvestment: As pet lovers, we now consider adopting a new companion. Some people are ready after a couple of days or weeks, others need years. We should never view this step as “replacing our pet”: We are adopting a new pet that should not be compared with our deceased one. This is often a mistake that people do when they rush through the grieving process. A big mistake, as they end up disappointed and sad over the differences. It is also not fair for the new adopted pet.

Losing a pet is hard buy viagra in usa. Give yourself time, and share those emotions with other pet lovers who understand what you are going through.

29 Mai 2013