Animal Lovers

Top Holiday movies with pets

Awwwww it is that wonderful time of the year to watch Holiday movies! And nothing beats watching a Holiday movie cuddled with your loved ones, four-legged ones included, on a cold snowy day…especially if the movie features animals! We searched the Web and our best Holiday memories, and here are the top 5 Holiday movies…
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Original ways to meet an animal lover like yourself

Valentine’s Day…what a depressing holiday when you are single AND unhappy with being single! Wouldn’t it be great to meet someone this year? Even better, someone who shares your passion about pets? Well, we are here to help! Here are some ways you can meet someone who loves cats and dogs as much as you…
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Interspecies friendships

Interspecies friendships pictures or videos generate a lot of strong awwwww reactions. There is something so beautiful, and even reassuring, in a friendship between two animals of different species that, even though they are not meant to get along (in fact, sometimes even meant to kill each other), grow into enjoying each other’s company. It…
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Animal movies for animal lovers

Animal lovers are often animal movies fans. Wouldn’t be great to have a list of the “must-see” movies in this category? Let’s start! Disney has made it a habit to launch an animal movie on Earth day weekend. On Friday, Chimpanzee opened in theaters, a movie in which we meet Oscar, a chimpanzee, while he…
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Top 10 Heroic Animals

We love stories with happy-endings, and we love heroic gestures. As animal lovers, we LOVE stories with happy-endings that include heroic gestures, especially if they come from animals! Time came up with this list of the ten most heroic animals of all times: 10. Magic the Miniature Mare 9. Japanese Rescue Dog 8. Moko the…
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Happy Easter break!

Most of you will soon enjoy a long weekend – a three or four-day weekend depending on how lucky you are. Whether you celebrate Easter or not does not change the fact that having some days off work feel really, really good. We are all a little bit tired at this time of the year;…
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Making connections on Valentine’s day

It is a known fact: Dogs are good magnets to meet other people. They are the perfect icebreaker for a first communication: “he is adorable!”, “what is his name?”, and then the conversation can flow more easily. One might joke that dog parks are great to socialize both the dog and his master! While we…
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The dream pet

This weekend, Oven-Baked Tradition is going to be at the SNAC (Salon National des Animaux de Compagnie) in Montreal. Make sure to come to our booth – we will have free samples to give away and we will be happy to meet you! There is a lot, and a lot of different pet species at…
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A loved pet is a good pet

This weekend, Oven-Baked Tradition was at the SNAC (Salon National des animaux de Compagnie) in Quebec city. Don’t worry if you missed it, there will be another edition in Montreal on Saturday November 6 and Sunday November 7. Our stand at the SNAC If you want to add a furry (or non-furry!) friend to your…
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Adorable Halloween costumes

So you want your pet to participate in the Halloween festivities with you? Now, if you need some inspiration to pick the best costume for your pets, you might want to look at these adorable pictures: So, which costume will your cat or your dog be wearing this year? Please share!