Summer is made for playing outside! And who wouldn’t love to enjoy it with their dog? We try as much as possible to include them in our leisure time and to avoid their sad look, when we have to leave them alone at home on a beautiful sunny day. In addition, aquatic activities are perfect for keeping our canine companions active while minimizing the impact on their joints. But how can you enjoy the moment while keeping your furry friend safe?


First of all, does your dog like water? Does he know how to swim? If the answer is no, start by going to play where their legs will touch the bottom. Bring his favourite Oven-Baked Tradition treats to enhance the experience and make it more enjoyable for them. Use a very long leash in order to give them the freedom to explore, but also to make sure you’re able to bring them back, in case they panic and move further away, into a deeper area. Put on a life jacket to get them used to wear one without being inhibited. This will give them more confidence and help them learn how to swim with it on. Finally, don’t forget to bring toys that floatand get wet with them!


If your canine companion can swim! It is time to introduce them to your watercraft. Whether it’s a paddle board, a kayak, a canoe, or… We strongly recommend that you initiate them to the craft on land beforehand. Let them explore and reward them with tasty treats when they try to get in or on the watercraft. When you navigate the water, you might experience some turbulences where everything is unstable. We want to avoid them from panicking, so they don’t try to jump in the water or worse make everyone capsizing. It’s even better if your dog already knows the basic commands ‘’sit’’, ‘’lie down’’ and ‘’stay’’.


Now that your dog is now comfortable with your nautical transportation. It’s time to get on the water! Start in shallow areas and always make sure they have their life jacket on. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, it doesn’t mean they’re safe a bad fall or exhaustion. Accidents can happen so fast, even with precaution. Also, it will be much easier to get them back on the watercraft with the use of the handle on the top of his life jacket.

For this first experience, start by staying close to the shore, don’t go too fast and prioritize a short outing. Don’t forget to bring him fresh water to drink! This will prevent diarrhea and possibly poisoning from algae and cyanobacteria.

During the activity, do not hesitate to stop on beaches and take short breaks. This will allow your dog to stretch his paws and cool off.

We hope this helps you discover a new way to have fun with your dog, and enjoy your adventures!