Dog Pet Blogs

There are numerous great blogs about dogs on the Web! Of course, we would like to think ours make the cut ;) And here are some other great blogs that you might enjoy:

Honey – A dancing great dane, what is not to like!

A lab named Sophie – A blog about a lab named Sophie, obviously! Sophie and her dog are into doggy sports such as freestyle, agility, etc. A very motivating read!

Reactive champion – A fun read and a great source of information for any one dealing with a reactive dog.

Grouchy puppy – this blog covers everything about dogs! Stories, news, contest, etc.

Canine Confidence – A LOT of great information about training and dog psychology!

You did what with your weiner? – If you love weiners, you will LOVE this blog! Two very active weiners going on fun adventures here:

Rubi the pitbull – She had a rough start in life, and her new forever family is helping her become the great dog she was meant to be.

True Dog Blog – Here you will mostly read incredibly moving stories about dogs, which might make you smile AND weep.

DogTime – Dog time lists numerous dog bloggers – it is impossible that you can’t find a blog that you like!