Flirt pole – a fun game for your dog!

Cats love fishing pole games!

And so do dogs! Unless you have a small and delicate dog, chances are that cat toys would not have a long lifespan under your dog’s paws and jaw.

Unfortunately, there are no tough fishing pole products on the market (if you know a manufacturer that has started producing one, please share!). Fortunately, simply enough, you can make your own flirt pole! You will need:

– a fun dog toy,
– a four or five meters rope,
– a long PVC tube,
– and a lot of room to play!

You just have to pass the rope into the tube, and tie a large knot at one end. On the other end of the rope, you have to tie the toy, and voilà, you are done! Your dog can now have a blast running around you trying to catch the toy. That will surely burn off a lot of his energy, very quickly!

But this game can do a lot more than burn off excess energy: It can become a good practice of your dog’s training skills. Obedience training can be, and should be, a lot of fun. Playtime is a wonderful and reinforcing reward! While it is not the proper time to teach your dog a new trick, it is the perfect time to rehearse the ones he knows in a new exciting setting.

Here is a video that demonstrates how fun and instructive flirt pole games can be for your dog: