How to be a good neighbour as a dog or cat owner

There are programs and tests to see if your dog is a good canine good neighbour, but what about you : are you a good neighbour as a cat or a dog owner? Let’s find out!




Here is a list of good behaviors from a pet owner neighbour :

1. A good neighbour does not let his or her dog bark at the neighbours, humans or canines.

Imagine being barked at whenever you come (or leave) home. What a warm welcome, right? Being barked at is not fun, even worse when it happens on your own property.

Teach your dog that it is OK if your neighbour is around the house…because his or her house is around your house! Your dog will eventually learn that you do not wish to hear about the neighbours’ whereabouts.

2. A good neighbour understands the concept of intimacy.

Not everyone loves dogs, or cats. It can be a hard concept to grasp as a pet owner and lover, but it is an important one. Some people even FEARS dogs or cats.

Hence why you should not let your dog (or cat) go toward the neighbour, or the neighbour’s dog, if you have never seen them being warm and welcoming toward your pet. And please, do not let your dog jump on your neighbour or get into his or her dog’s face, pet lover or not.

3. A good neighbour does not let his pet roam.

The solution is easy for dog owners : a fenced yarm. A dog roaming around the neighbourhood can be frighening to a lot of people, and this freedom can even be dangerous for the dog. Therefore : Let your dog roam freely…but within the limits of your property only.

The solution is not as simple for cat owners. No fences can ever limit cats, and cats like to do their own things in their own way. At least, make sure that your cat does not sleep on the neighbour’s outdoor furniture (and leave a lot of unwanted hair) and that your cat does not do his thing in his or her yard. If you cannot prevent such behaviours, supervise all outdoor time or have your cat roam with a harness only.

4. A good neighbour clears his or her yard regularly.

Feces smell. Nothing new here. And smells travel easily, fenced yard or not. The point is that you have to pick up your dog’s or your cat’s poop if you do not want your neighbour to smell their business.

There is also nothing great about a view into a dirty yard full of feces. Clean your yard, and you could even enjoy it yourself.

5. A good neighbour respects municipal laws.

Do you know how many cats or dogs per house are allowed in your city? Do you know if all breeds are welcome?

As animal lovers, we are not fans of these laws – after all, if the pets bother no one, what harm can be done, right? – but it does not mean that we should not respect them and live illegally.

Imagine if your neighbour gets a little annoyed with your pets and contact the city. You could be asked to let go one of your pets, perhaps not even the « guilty » one. Heartbreaking situation that could be avoided by following the law like you should, and by being a good pet owner neighbour.


So, do you think you are a good neighbour? What about your neighbours : are they good neighbours?