Marie-Claude’s four-legged family

Cats have always been part of my life, especially Siamese cats. And please don’t believe the urban legend that pretends that they are aggressive hypocrites; they make wonderful pets!

For the last couple of years, I have also been happily pet sitting Morris, an adorable Newfoundland and Labrador mix, for three months every year. He is such a sweetheart! Everyone in the family loves him. Imagine the sight: he likes to sleep and cuddle with my son, in his single bed! Every spring, Morris goes back to his “real” family, hundreds of miles away, and it breaks our heart every single time. Also a part-time member of our family is T-Rex, a Shih Tzu, which we are lucky to spend every weekend in his company. He is such a cutie, very intelligent and cuddly; we adore him!

The desire to have a dog that I can call my own, a companion that will stay in our family all the time and with whom we will not have to go through separation has been stronger and stronger in the last years. In fact, that desire has been so strong that this summer I fell in love with a beautiful blue merle Australian Sheppard puppy which we named Tao. He is now a 7-months old very playful and intelligent puppy. He learns quickly and wants to please. He is the perfect puppy! He looks sad when I leave for work, but ohhh what a party when I come home!

Nothing can compare to the unconditional and pure love of a dog. He brings so much joy to our family and loves everybody. He is quite the stud when we take him on walks: Everybody wants to pet him and he happily and patiently receives their love. I do what I do, because I truly love animals and want the best for them.

Marie-Claude Dubuc
Marketing and R&D director, Oven-Baked Tradition

Morris, Tao and T-Rex

Our dog, Tao
Our cat, Aïcha