News from the cats on parliament hill

You are not familiar with these cats on parliament hill in Ottawa or where they come from? Here is their story:

These cats bring a smile to a lot of locals and tourists every single day – they are real mini stars! Of course, a lot of people need to be involved by giving time, energy and money so that their needs are met. On our end at Oven-Baked Tradition’s, we are very happy to contribute by donating food.

So what’s new in the colony?

January was very cold, but these cats were fortunately able to stay warm and away from the wind and snow thanks to their little houses isolated with a lot of hay. Here is Max and Bebe on a winter morning:

High-quality nutritious food is a must for these cats so that they have the energy they need to fight against the harsh winter elements.

Volunteers devote a lot of their time to make sure that the cats are happy and healthy. For instance, poor Spot recently had an injured leg which brought him straight to the veterinary clinic. Now, he is feeling a lot better!

Remember Brownie?

He was a real star in the colony! He is unfortunately getting older and older, and is now suffering from arthritis. Well, the volunteers made sure he had a happy and comfortable retirement: He was adopted by one of the volunteers and he is now enjoying a warm and comfy house with the company of another retired cat from the colony.

They make a lovely couple, what do you think?