Pet Obesity Awareness Day

October 12 is Pet Obesity Awareness Day!

Yes, there is unfortunately a need for such a day: Pet Obesity is becoming a bigger, and bigger problem each year. Since 2007, Pet Obesity has been growing rapidly…reaching a 20% growth in 2010! More than 50% of all pets – cats and dogs– are overweight, and almost 25% of them are obese.

Is your pet obese?

The visual test is a quick and easy way to find out. Here is a chart that well represents what a healthy, an underweight, an overweight or an obese pet looks like.

Unfortunately, some silhouettes are hidden between deep layers of fur, making it not always easy to gage these pets’ weight. A pet’s weight then gives valuable information, especially if that information is tracked at least every season.

But even with such a number, it is not always simple to judge whether a pet weight is on the healthy side or not so healthy side. The pet obesity prevention association came out with a great tool that helps comparing your pet’s weight to…a human’s weight. For instance, a female beagle weighting 40lbs has a 33% fat ratio, which is the same as a 5’4 woman weighting…200 lb! While it is hard to know if a 40lbs is too heavy for a beagle, as humans, we do know what 200 pounds than to be on the heavy side. Another example: An extra 5lbs might not seem like a big deal. But that 5lbs on twenty pound dog is comparable to an extra 50lbs on an average human! It is very significant!

If your pet is overweight, there are two things you can do: You can reduce his food portions (or give him less caloric treats), and you can increase his level of exercise. Consider switching to a senior product such as Oven-Baked Tradition’s senior formula. With fewer calories and a lower fat percentage, it is a better choice for an animal with some weight to loose.

It is important that you take your dog’s weight seriously! There is nothing cute about an overweight pet… Obese pets are more prone to develop cardiac, liver or respiratory diseases, diabete, high blood pressure, as well as cancers. Worse, his life spam decreases by 2 or 5 years.

We wish a long and healthy life to your beloved pets!