Puppy’s first year milestones

New parents can subscribe to a bunch of services that inform them on an almost daily basis what is happening physically, mentally and emotionnaly with their growing baby. After all, so much is happening so quickly!






Puppy parents would also like to know the milestones of their growing furry baby, wouldn’t they? Well here they are:

Day 0 to 7: Puppies are blind, deaf, and unable to crawl until they are about 5 days old, which make them very, very dependant of their mother.

Day 7 to 14: Awww you can look them into the eyes! And they see you! Plus they begin to learn how to focus. Their crawling improves day after day.

Day 14 to 21: The puppies’ first steps! They are now starting to explore their surroundings and interact among their puppy peers. They also poop and pee without assistance.

4 weeks: Puppies are beginning to eat « real food » and to wean from their mother. They should also begin to really interact and socialise with humans, so that they understand that we are part of their life. What do 4-week-old puppies do all day? They play!

5 to 7 weeks: Puppies are now able to develop relationships with humans. They are however too young to be adopted already, and it is important that they stay with their mother for at least two or three more weeks.

8 to 10 weeks: Yeah, your puppy is ready to go home with you! Be careful though, as puppies now enter a fear imprit period: If something bad happens to them during these weeks, they will remember and fear the situation « forever »! Oops.

Up until 16 weeks: This is a VERY important socialisation period. Your puppy’s brain is working overtime and making sense of the world around him. The more good experience your puppy goes through, the more your puppy will be balanced and stable as an adult dog. So get out there with your puppy, and make sure that he always feels safe.

4 to 6 months: Your puppy is not really a baby anymore. Proof? His puppy’s teeth are falling, and this HURTS. Hence why your puppy is probably chewing and biting everything to soothe his jaw. Make sure you teach him what he can and what he cannot bite or chew. His hormones are also working overtime. If your pet has not been neutered yet, now would be a good time.

From 6 to 12 months: ADOLESCENCE! Yes, your puppy is a teen. He most probably has a LOT of energy, and not a lot of manners and self-control. A recipe for turbulence, let’s say. He is also testing everything – himself, other dogs, you, other people, limits, etc. Patience, consistency and empathy are key words to go through this period together, and sucessfully.

And now the year is over and your dog is considered « mature ».

At least, physically!

Psychological and emotional matury can come later…and a lot later (2 or 3 years) for some dogs. Do not lose hope J

Have a great first year with your dog! Time flies, doesn’t it? And time flies even quicker in “dog years”! Did you know that a one-year-old dog is 15 years old in human years? And a two-year-old, 24! So enjoy this puppy year while you can J