Recommended reading – A dog’s purpose

Have you ever wished you were inside a dog’s head?
Now you can, thanks to Bruce Cameron’s book “A dog’s purpose”. Even better, you will be able to be inside a dog’s head while he goes through four different life paths. Yes, apparently, there is such a thing as pet’s reincarnation!

During your reading, you will see that being a dog is sometimes very confusing – learning how to live with humans is not an easy task! While this book is not a training book in any way, you might be surprised how many things you can learn about dog’s behaviour just by spending so much time inside a dog’s head. One thing is for sure is that you will probably laugh out loud a couple of times during your reading, and maybe even cry. And if you have a dog, you will try to put yourself in his paws more often to get an idea of what is going on inside his head ?, because there sure is a lot going on at all times!

A must-read if you love dogs!