Record mania: extraordinary animals galore!

Cats and dogs perform a host of noteworthy feats each and every year. There’s the one who jumps the highest, leaps the furthest, or is the ace of the dog propelled scooter. For our part, we have a weakness for longevity records. We love animals so much that we work hard so they can stay with their families for as long as possible.


The oldest pets

The prize for the oldest dog in the world goes to Maggie, a female Australian Kelpie who lived for 30 years. That’s quite a feat, especially considering that the average life expectancy for dogs is 11 years. We’re convinced that Maggie would have appreciated our new semi-moist kibble. Easy to eat and easy to digest, it’s simply the perfect chow for aging dogs.


The oldest cat is called Sacha and for 35 years, she has been the pride and joy of her mistress. Sacha is over 130 years old in human terms and is three years away from the absolute record, formerly held by Crème Puff, a female cat who died in 2005.


The most eco-friendly pet

Tubby the Labrador is undeniably the greenest dog on the planet. He loves to pick up plastic bottles during his daily walks. Thanks to Tubby’s hard work, his owner has managed to recycle 26,000 bottles!

[Photo credit Guinness World Records]


The most talented pet

Didga the cat completed 24 separate spins in just one minute. Since Didga lives for treats, she must also hold the record for the cat having downed the most tuna fillets in 60 seconds. In addition to being talented, she’s really quite the gourmet!


The super mom

When we talk about motherhood, Tia, a Neapolitan Mastiff, is the ultimate queen of the moms. Since 2004, she has held the record for the world’s biggest puppy litter with 24 babies. History won’t reveal it, but finding a name for all these little ones must have been a real challenge!


The most sizeable pets of all

Mymains Stewart Gillian, Stewie for those in the know, measured a little over two feet long. Consequently, he’s the most gigantic domestic cat in history! According to Lilieput, the world’s smallest cat (5.25 inches tall), Stewie also deserves a spot in the record book for the cat with the longest name!

[Photo credit Guinness World Records]


As for dogs, Zeus the Great Dane was so big that he could drink directly from the kitchen faucet! In fact, he was 7 feet 3 inches tall when he stood on his back legs, enough to intimidate Milly the Chihuahua, who’s barely 4 inches tall.

[Photo credit Guinness World Records]


All these records have really inspired us! To conclude, we’ve compiled what we hope is the longest consecutive list of animal records ever presented in a blog article.


Here are the results:


  • The most tennis balls held simultaneously by a dog in its mouth is 5.
  • The longest dog tongue is 7 inches in length.
  • The thickest cat fur is 10.11 inches thick.
  • The longest pair of dog ears are 13.75 inches long.
  • Norman holds the canine speed record for propelling a dog scooter 30 metres in a little over 20 seconds.
  • The longest cat tail stretches 17.58 inches in length.
  • It took Toby the dog 28.22 seconds to pop 100 balloons.
  • The largest number of dogs to have appeared in a picture at the same time is 108.
  • The longest dog tail stretches 30.2 inches in length.
  • The sound intensity when Charlie the Golden Retriever barks rises to 113.1 decibels, equalling the sound generated by an ambulance a mere 5 metres away.
  • The most steps a dog has travelled with an unspilled glass of water on its muzzle is 10.