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You probably have home, car, life and health insurance. In Quebec, it is mandatory to take out health insurance. We benefit from a public health system, which allows people to have free access to care (RAMQ). On the other hand, many will opt for private insurance in order to broaden the coverage of care covered by the insurance, in addition to having the choice of going to a private clinic if they wish to have service more quickly. 

This reality describes the services of veterinary hospital well. An animal can easily meet with a doctor, be cared for, get a diagnosis and begin the treatment or surgery for recovery. Accessibility and speed come at a price… and that price can become quite impressive. 

Why take out health insurance for your pet? 

First, this could save you a lot of money on medical and/or surgical costs. Just like the cost of living, veterinary costs continue to increase. Another good reason would be to reduce your stress, when you have to make an emotional decision related to the health of your pet. No one likes to see the price of their bill rise quickly, especially if it limits you from providing a good quality of life to your dog or cat. This can be seen as a long-term investment. Depending on the plan you choose, the insurance may cover part of the costs for medical examinations, vaccines, care for an aging animal, medication, teeth scaling, etc. Additionally, health insurance may be necessary depending on the breed of your pet. Some have genetic predispositions for specific health conditions such as skin disorders, respiratory disorders, cardiac disorders, and the list goes on. Finally, insurance can be a good idea depending on your lifestyle. For example, if you travel often, play sports with your furry friends and if they hang out with several of his peers. No one is safe from an accident, but certain factors increase the risks. 

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When is the best time to take out insurance for your cat or dog? 

Whether it’s with a baby, a puppy or a kitten, expanding the family is never without budgetary consequences. First of all, we think of adoption fees, food, training classes, but what about veterinary costs? The best time to take an insurance for your cat or dog is: as soon as possible! Before health problems appear, because then it is more difficult to find insurance at a reasonable price and health problems already present will not be covered. 

How to choose among packages and insurance companies?

Choose according to your risk tolerance, your budget and the lifestyle you offer your companion. The important thing is to shop among insurance companies such as Trupanion, Desjardins, Costco, CAA-Quebec, etc. But above all, do not neglect to read the contract completely before joining. Make sure you understand the inclusions, exclusions and deductible. 

Finally, some people prefer to put money regularly into a specific account, in order to have an emergency fund for their animal. It is up to you to calculate whether the amount saved will be sufficient versus the price of insurance. In all cases, the priority is prevention! Because honestly, one could wonder if having a pet would not have become a luxury.