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Who doesn’t say “I love you” to their cat? We tell them verbally, pet them, play with them, provide them places to hide, and ensure we give them the best care. From a human perspective, these are all great ways to show love to your cat. But did you know there are other gestures to tell them “I love you” in feline language?

Blink slowly!

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It’s all about atmosphere and confidence. In feline language, an exchange of intense stares can be perceived as a confrontation. On the other hand, a gentle gaze followed by a slow blink evokes a feeling of relaxation and security. Try it! You might receive an “I love you” from your cat slowly lowering its eyelids in return.

Smell exchanges

Article 3

Cats communicate mainly through physical contact, body language, and smell. They don’t just leave their scent behind. They also like to soak up the scent of their surroundings. When you meet a new animal, it’s customary to let it smell you, which will tell it that you are peaceful and that you would like to get to know it. On the other hand, it’s possible to strengthen the bond between you and your cat by giving it something like an old t-shirt impregnated with your scent. Who would have thought that your dirty clothes could serve as a declaration of love?

A few little headbutts

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When you receive little headbutts from your cat, know that it’s much more than a sign of affection. Indeed, it leaves pheromones thanks to the odoriferous glands located on its head. This marking shows you its happiness and that you give it a sense of security. Although humans don’t possess these glands, your cat can perceive this gesture as an exchange of affection. 

Finally, let’s not forget what really matters. It’s the time shared with your feline companion, respect for its limits, high quality food and tasty Oven-Baked Tradition treats. You are now ready to vary the ways you say “I love you” to your cat.