The Strangest Things
that Cats Love to eat

Even if we give our cat the best cat food available on the market (perhaps, Oven-Baked Tradition’s) it seems as though it would still sometimes rather eat what WE are eating. Of course, chicken, tuna, any seafood or any meat, yogurt, milk, cheese and all other dairy products are known to drive cats CRAZY! But there are also other strange foods that cats seem to crave like maniacs.

This is a participative post! It would be fun if you could share in the comment section the weird things that YOUR cat loves to eat, so that we can add them to the list. It will make a fun read for everyone! So let’s start:

Cleo, a three years old Abyssinian, loves:
– peanut butter
– spinach
– pop corn
– butter
– eggs
Marie-Claude’s cat loves dog treats and…OLIVES!
Now, your turn!

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