Why does my cat
follow me into the bathroom?


During your “beauty routine”, your cat likes to follow you to the bathroom and takes the opportunity to be noticed. But why?

No, it’s not out of coquetry…

It does so because you fascinate it and it tries to understand you! Your cat loves the routine, and nothing pleases it more than to share yours.

To stay well refreshed, it likes the bathroom because it is the coolest room in your house and the toilet bowl and fresh bathroom tiles help to lower its body temperature.

Because your cat needs to be stimulated and the bathroom is a playground full of intriguing objects (the water running from the shower and tap, hair bands, toilet paper and the trash can), it is an almost limitless source of enjoyment.

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Would you like your kitty to stop following you to the bathroom?

Forget the rebukes or punishments: it just doesn’t work with cats!

So what’s the deal? Positive reinforcement!

The idea is to incorporate a short period of play into your morning routine during which you will stimulate your pet with good words and treats. After a while, your cat will get used to this new practice and may leave you alone at the right time. We have developed a new range of treats that lend themselves very well to this practice. They are available in 4 equally delicious flavours. You’ll see: your cat will love it!

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A bit of reading for those cold winter nights

For cat lovers, we strongly suggest that you read Bernard Werber’s Tomorrow the Cats. It’s a fun and pleasant way to learn more about the history of our feline friends. Hours of fun are guaranteed with this book that can only be enjoyed with your best friend!