Tammy’s four-legged family

From as long as I can remember, I have always been an animal-lover. I especially love cats, admire them, even. Cats of all kind of different breeds have shared my life, and they were all special and adorable in their own way.

Enriching my life, and my family’s, for the last few years is Ombrelle, a Lynx Point Balinese. Balineses are a long-hair variety of Siameses. Ombrelle is the typical Balinese: She is a very active cat, and adorably mischievous. She loves, LOVES our presence and being around us, and she is not afraid to let us know when she feels a little bit left out!

Ombrelle always greets every family member with love and enthusiasm. When I come back home after a day of work, I know that this little furry ball will mew to say “hi” and then rub her cute little face on my ankles. She makes me smile every single day.

Ombrelle is part of our family, and we all love her very much.

Tammy Grenon
Sales and communications coordinator