The best of Leash Connection…the dog version

Leash Connection is almost two years old! Two years of sharing weekly two or three articles on our most beloved pets. That is a lot of articles! We went through our archives, and here is what we consider are our best articles on our canine friends:

1. Dog Parks: what’s good about them, what’s bad about them, and what you should do as a responsible dog owner.
2. A happy couple: an article that goes over the primordial energy match between a dog and his owner.

3. Canine social structure and communication system: so, are dogs really dominant or not? What do their communication system consist of?

4. And in more details: dogs’ body language:

5. And important calming signals:

6. Fear and anxious dogs: how can you help? Why some dogs are fearful and what you can do as owners to help them conquer their fears.

7. What do dogs need? Yes, there is such a thing as a pyramid of needs for dogs, and we give a lot of information about it.

8. The T-Touch method: a complete introduction on the what and the why of the T-Touch method, and a couple of descriptions of some of its manipulations

9. Ethical breeders: More and more often we hear about how important it is to get our dogs from ethical breeders. Here are some common rules among ethical breeders so that you know who is and who isn’t:

10. How to greet a dog: A step by step approach on our to correctly introduce yourself to a dog

11. Caniwalk: A great sport to practice with your dog. Learn how:

12. Adopting a rescue dog (two articles): How can you select the right dog for your house to ensure that you are this dog’s forever family.

13. Is your dog a good canine citizen? Find our what the characteristics are, and then test your dog!