Why you should transition your pet to a new food gradually

Your pet probably eats the same dry food daily. Except for some treats here and there, or some stolen table scraps, your cat and your dog probably gets 99.9% of their nutrition need and daily energy from their dry food diet.

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Imagine if you changed EVERYTHING you eat in a day, in one day. Imagine if you tried all new food you have never tasted in every single one of your meals tomorrow. Your stomach might be a little bit upset. You might even be a little bit upset yourself.

Pets aren’t much different. When you change your pet daily food without going through a gradual transition, your pet might resist change or might appear as though they have digestive problems. Your reaction might be to think that the new food is “bad” or “not for your pet”.  This is probably not the case: You just gave too much new food too fast, without following a transition process first.

On all Oven-Baked Tradition dry food bags, we have a chart explaining how to transition your pet smoothly to our products. It is a simple matter of mixing both the old and the new food up gradually until you are serving only the new Oven-Baked Tradition food. This transition is important with Oven-Baked Tradition, and it is absolutely not because our food is harder to digest for pets. Let us explain.

Oven-Baked Tradition food is slowly baked. Almost all other brands are cooked through an extrusion process that is drastic and requires the company to add back some of the nutriments that was destroyed in the cooking process. The ingredients on both bags might be similar, but the food is just not the same. Ours is cooked naturally, others usually aren’t.

This is the only reason why some pets need more time to transition to Oven-Baked Tradition food: Because we use a slow and natural cooking method. A quick adaptation period for a lifetime of good food naturally cooked: It IS worth it!

So take the time your pet needs to transition to Oven-Baked Tradition dry food. Note that some less sensible pets can transition very, very quickly without any issue! But we feel it is more important to take it slowly than to risk an upset belly.

Should you go through a slow transition with our canned products?

No! Our canned products are cooked sloooowly like our dry food, but so are most of the products on the market (though their ingredients might be lacking in quality). Hence why there is usually no need to go through the transition process.

For the same reason, you can also switch from our dry to canned products without a worry in the world. Enjoy!