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We love to do many things during the holiday season. This includes playing in the snow and ending the day by watching a good movie with a cup of hot chocolate. Perhaps you and your family are fans of special holiday programming that returns to our screens every year. Oven-Baked Tradition has some suggestions of must-see films featuring companions with extraordinary talents for you.

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Hatchi is a Japanese dog, in transit to the United States, whose crate falls off a train station. Parker Wilson, a college professor, crosses paths with him and tries to find his owner, but ends up taking him home. It will be the start of a beautiful friendship and the story of a dog that fascinates the world with its lifelong loyalty to his human. Inspired by a true story, this film will let you understand true friendship. If you travel to Japan, you can see the statue of the famous dog named Hachiko, near Shibuya station.

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This humorous and touching comedy tells the story of a young couple. John hopes to delay his sweetheart’s desires to have a child by having her choose an adorable puppy. This is how Marley, a young Labrador, enters the family and teaches his humans lessons of humility and letting go.



The film starts with three members of a scientific expedition, who must abandon their pack of sled dogs to survive. It is during a harsh Antarctica winter that the eight dogs will have to fight alone for more than six months. “These dogs are my family, we have no right to abandon them.” Pull out your tissues, as this movie based on a true story is sure to bring animal lovers to tears.

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We could name several other hits where man’s best friend captivated us: Beethoven, Lassie, Benji, My Dog’s Lives, Bella’s Incredible Adventure, etc. If your favourite movie hasn’t been mentioned, go to our Facebook page and leave the movie’s name in the comment section under the article post. You might inspire others to discover great movies featuring talented dogs. Otherwise, prepare your popcorn and bring out the Oven-Baked Tradition treats for your companions. We wish you a good holiday movie season!