The festive season is finally here

What an emotional year we’ve just had. How fortunate that our dogs and cats were there to bring joy into our lives. More than ever, they made our daily existence pleasurable with their cuddles and purrs.

You’ll surely agree that they deserve all our gratitude.

Here are some original gift ideas that will show them your deepest appreciation.




A gift for the soft-hearted

You’re the most important person in your pet’s life. Your presence, your voice, and the scent of your body bring your companion incomparable comfort and joy.

Unfortunately, even if you want to, you can’t always be with your fur child. Your absence can quickly become a source of stress for your faithful friend.

It’s time to use your imagination!

A good way to cheer your pet up while you’re away is to offer an item of clothing you no longer want to wear or a pillow that you want to get rid of.

These gifts may seem crazy to you, but they’re loaded with your scent and since your pet has an extraordinary sense of smell, the gift will be appreciated to its full extent!




The techno present

Dogs are captivated by what happens on your TV screen. The DOGTV channel offers programming designed specifically to stimulate your canine buddy. Available 24 hours a day, it will keep your faithful friend occupied for a few hours whenever necessary. On the menu: colourful images and unusual sounds!

DOGTV – Entertain, Love, and Comfort Your Dog All Day

Meow Talk is the latest fashionable invention for understanding your cat’s emotions. This fun application for smartphone users allows you to decipher the 10 main feelings of your little fur ball. Although the application is still under development, several thousand users are already getting a kick out of checking it out.

MeowTalk Beta – Apps on Google Play




The gourmet gift

Trust us: you can’t go wrong by offering food to your companion. We all remember those scenes of intense foodie joy, and our animals never tire of discovering new flavours.

That’s why we’ve created a limited edition Poutine Mix for the Christmas season!

Our festive box includes an assortment of our best pâtés, sweet potatoes, and treats.

It’s really the perfect gift for your favourite little gourmet.




The ideal gift for more conventional creatures

The possibilities here are virtually endless, and your favourite pet shop will certainly be able to assist you in your choice.

Here are a few ideas:

  • A new piece of fashionable clothing.
  • A customized accessory such as a new walking harness, a new leash, a scratching post, or a food bowl.
  • A new stimulation game filled with enticing treats.


In conclusion, the most beautiful gift you can give your pet will always be your presence. Every moment you spend with your fur child strengthens the bonds that bind you. Take advantage of these moments to cuddle your pet, bury your face in that wonderful fur, or simply give a good long hug…

Our entire team wishes you a happy holiday season!