You can teach a thing or two, or hundreds, to your cat

Rarely do cat owners spend time or energy educating their cats. After all, if your cat does something that you do not want him to do, you can easily take the matter (the cat) into your own hands and remove him from this situation. Plus, as most of our cats are indoor cats, they rarely embarrass us like an unbehaved dog can. OK, so they might get their paws on the small bites we cooked for the people coming over, but rarely do they take the whole trey in one bite or steal the whole steak from a BBQ. Our unbehaved cat can be our own (dark) little secret. Owners deal with these behaviors, and their pretty eyes and soft fur usually make up for their sometimes annoying habits.

But cat owners do not necessarily have to wake up at 5AM every single day, Sundays included, just because their cats want them to. Cats can learn to be patient, and they can learn to replace any annoying behavior with more acceptable one. We just have to teach them. People rarely call a cat trainer when they need help. And yes, of course they exist! In the Montreal area, there is Educhateur who is somewhat popular. He also publishes interesting chronicles and articles on his website and on his Facebook page that everyone can enjoy. Receiving help from a dog trainer is a common thing; receiving help from a cat trainer is unfortunately still perceived as bizarre. We are just not used to asking anything to our cats besides being cute. But do you know that most cats would love us to be a little more demanding?

Cats are very smart animals; they can learn a lot of things, so you can teach them things! They just need to be motivated differently than most dogs, but that does not make them less smart. Cats learn things they find useful, ie. behaviors that are fun to mimic or that pay well (food!). Training a cat is not an impossible thing, nor is it even that hard; you just need to learn the proper techniques as well as be patient, even more so in the beginning of the training as cats learn to learn from their humans. Do not hesitate to get help if you need some! After all, a good night of sleep is worth something, don’t you think?

Not convinced? Here is a video that shows you what kind of things a cat can learn, ie. ANYTHING!

Have fun training!