Why being a foster home is awesome!

Foster homes save lives. Too many pets are abandonned, and shelters cannot help them all. Living in a shelter is stressful, no matter how hard the volonteers work to make sure that cats and dogs have all they need.

Chien et famille

For some animals, shelters are just not the right environment. Puppies, for instance, need proper socialisation and require a lot of time. And some dogs that might have a disturbing behavior in a shelter can strive and be the perfect pet in a normal living family environment. By fostering a dog or a cat for a couple of days, weeks, or months, foster families are basically saving lifes and helping animals find their right forever family. Isn’t this great? There are also four big advantages to being a foster family :

  1. Practice makes perfect

It is just not possible to know what it is like to live with a cat or a dog before living with a cat and a dog. Fostering a pet makes it possible to see if a pet is compatible to your present lifestyle, and if that lifestyle makes you happy. No lifetime adoption contract, just a couple of weeks to find out. A lot of abandon would have been prevented if people had first tried fostering a pet instead of adopting!

  1. The right pet for you

Perhaps you always wanted to have a Siamese cat…yet by fostering one you get that they are way too vocal for you. Or perhaps you have always dreamed of having a Labrador before realizing just how much exercice they need to now be crazy inside the house. Or perhaps you have never considered a beagle as an option, yet your foster beagle is making you laugh everyday and you are in love. Fostering is a wonderful way to explore and find the perfect pet match for your family.

  1. A not forever pet

You might want a pet, but no that you are not in a place right now to commit to 10 or 20 years. Fostering is the perfect option for you! You get to enjoy a pet in your life NOW, while it is possible for you, without a lifetime commitment. It is a win-win situation, because your foster pet need you in his life NOW.

  1. All included!

Foster comes with their cage, bowls, toys, food, etc. All you need to give is time and love! The fun part J.