Beet pulp?

We have received a new question from one of our customers who feed our Parallel line to his four dogs: why can we find beet pulp in your grain-free recipes?

Beet pulp has a bad reputation. Some says it is a poor quality filler that has been known to cause health problems, including allergies and ear infections.

Of course, if we believed that to be true, we would never have added such an ingredient in our high-quality Parallel line!

Beets are a good source of fibres. Fibres contribute to a better digestibility of dry food: They are a suitable source of nutrition for the beneficial bacteria that reside in the dogs’ intestinal track, and they are an important addition to the food’s moisture content. These are some of the reasons why fibres can be found in almost all commercial dog food. Some brands take the fibre content from grain sources; our Parallel line instead chose other sources such as beet pulp and pumpkin puree. Many dogs with sensitive stomach are intolerant to some kind of cereals which lead to unpleasant reactions such as diarrhea and vomiting; beet pulp is known to be a gentler source of fibre.

Before it is added to our Parallel recipe, almost all the sugar is extracted from the beet pulp so that it is not sweeter than another vegetable, for instance a carrot.

Finally, beet pulp does not account for more than 5% of our mix. We do not use beet pulp as a filler: we only put as much as is needed to have its important fibre contribution.

Here are some other sources on beet pulp:

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